Zayn Malik send off Simon Cowell and the Queen in new song.

 Malik dropped three songs a few days ago as a collection called Yellow Tape, in which he slated Kanye West, Simon Cowell and The Queen.

On the song Believe Me, Zayn makes a dig at Simon’s record label, rapping: “Glad we left the Syco.”

In regards to the Queen and Kanye he says: “F* the Queen she gon’ knight ’em for their violence.” “F* Kanye, beat him by farting.”

But the move appeared to annoy his record label, as fans accused RCA of removing the link to the songs a short time after he shared them.

Zayn had posted the songs on Twitter in a Dropbox link, meaning anyone could listen to them for free.

Sounds like Zayn wanted all the smoke.

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