Boma never fingered me -Tega.

The evicted housemates, Tega and Boma have become popular on social media due to some events that happened in the house.

Tega, in an interview with Pulse,stated that Boma never fingered her.

According to her, the tissue Boma was seen picking up while they were on the bed as seen in a viral video, was for his sinuses. She said that Boma uses it to blow his noswheb it gets noisy during sleep.

Tega also stated that while they kissed and went deep, they had boundaries. She further disclosed that the videos shared on social media were arranged in a way that have another narratives, different from what actually happened.

About the kiss they shared at the executive lounge, she said she and Boma came up with the idea because they had this feeling that those behind the camera might feel they are boring.

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