ATM cameras help FBI capture three young Nigerians who stole over $1.4million unemployment benefits.

Three Nigerians have been attested by the FBI over alleged fraud in the United states of America.

The trio used an address in Hyattsville, Maryland, to take in about $1.4 million in unemployment benefits from California, Arizona, Maryland and North Carolina. At least $1.2 million of the theft was received from California’s Enploymebt Development Department alone.

According to a complaint filed by John C. Collins, a special agent with the U.U.department of Labour, they filed about 200 unemployment claims with California’s EDD using a single address in the 75th Avanue in Hyattsville, and the department was duped into approving 97 of the claims.

Mr Collins said in the complaint filed in California that;

“Based on the size of the apartment, the investigation has concluded that a high number of UI applications associated with their address is unreasonable, and thus an indicator of fraudulent activity.”(Bank of America) records show that 142 UI claim profiles using the 75th Avenuse apartment address issued a total of 175 prepaid cards from the states of Arizona, California, Maryland, and North Carolina, ”

The trio filed claims that they had lost their jobs as an accountant, computer consultant, librarian, dance therapist and other occupations, and used untraceable IP addresses, the complaint said.

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