400-level optometry Student of Abia state university dies after taking Colorado.

Francis chibuike, a 400-level Optometry student of Abia state falls to his death after jumping off a 3-storey building.

Eyewitnesses alleged that he was hishammuddin on drugs when he jumped form his lodge located off campus on Saturday evening. It was gathered that we was unable to control the effect of the hard drug known as Colorado which he allegedly took.

Accoridng to his students , his friends reportedly locked him inside his room and went in search for garri to restore him back to consciousness, but Francis went through the balcony and jumped down from the building.

Blood was already gushing out from his head before they returned.

According to Guardian, the Chief security officer (CSO) of the institution, Navy commander ThankGod Evulobi (retired) confirmed the incident, describing it as one of the consequences of hard drugs.

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