President of Philippine, Roderigo Duterte, threatens to jail those who refuse to take Covid-19 vaccine.

Philippines President, Roderigo Duterte has threatened to jail people who refuse to be vaccinated against the coronavirus as his country battles the pandemic, with more than 1.3million cases and 23,000 deaths.

Philippine authorities had fully vaccinated 2.1 million people as of June 20, but the government has target to immunize up to 70 million people in the country for 110 million this year.

Duterte made his threat statement on Television during his address on Minday, june 21. He said ;

“You choose, vannince or I will have you jailed”,. He made this statement following reports of low turnouts at several vaccination sites in the capital, Manila.

Health officials revealed that the vaccine is voluntary.

He also said this, ” Don’t get me wrong, there is a crisis in this country, I’m just exasperated by Filipinos not heading the Government”

He also put his foot down as regards the reopening of schools.

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