Nigerian singer Barry Jhay cleared of killing of his Label Boss Kashy Gordon


The death of Kashy Gordon is still unbeliveable to some people due to the fact that Barry Jhay was with him.

Nigerian Singer Barry Jhay was arrested in Ghana in connection to the death of his Label Boss Kashy Gordon, The crime case charged on Barry Jhay has been cleared by the police of Ghana.

An investigation was carried out by the Ghanaian Police, this revealed that Barry Jhay was attacked by Kashy Gordon shortly after the label boss GF rushed in to where he was recording a song to say to Barry that Karshy was behaving abnormally.

Kashy Cash Nation

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Ghanaian Police reported that Karshy Jumped from the 4th floor of the hotel which they has logded in, 12 minute after Barry Jhay who he reportedly attacked with a knife left the crime scene.

An eyewitness and CCTV footage gave more information to the Police

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