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The Queen’s Disgusting cousin jailed for 10 months, for sex attack on sleeping woman at his Scottish castle.



The Queen’s disgusting and vile cousin has been jailed for only ten months, after sexually assaulting a woman at his Scottish castle.

Simon Bowes-Lyon, 34, admitted forcing his way into a sleeping woman’s room at Glamis Castle in Angus, and assaulting her while drunk.

He is said to have repeatedly pushed her onto a bed and against a wall, forcibly grabbed her breasts and tried to pull up her nightdress in an attack lasting 20 minutes.

She eventually managed to get him out of her room.
Bowes-Lyon, who is the the Earl of Strathmore and Queen Elizabeth’s cousin twice removed, said he was greatly ashamed for causing ‘such distress’ to a guest in his ancestral home.

Glamis Castle in Scotland

In a statement issued outside court, Bowes-Lyon said: ‘When I realised what I had done I apologised quickly to the woman concerned.
‘I apologise wholeheartedly again today. I am deeply sorry for my behaviour and the anguish it has caused.
‘Clearly, I had drunk to excess on the night of the incident. As someone who is only too well aware of the damage that alcohol can cause, I should have known better. I recognise, in any event, that alcohol is no excuse for my behaviour.

“I did not think I was capable of behaving the way I did but have had to face up to it and take responsibility.

“Over the last year this has involved seeking and receiving professional help as well as agreeing to plead guilty as quickly as possible.
“My apologies go, above all, to the woman concerned but I would also like to apologise to family, friends and colleagues for the distress I have caused them.”

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