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Man who sodomized 10-yr-old girl, allegedly freed by Lagos police over her mom’s inability to pay.



An elderly man, Christian Judge Okorocha, who was arrested by officers of the Okomaiko Police Station for allegedly defiling a 10-year-old girl, has been released due to the inability of the minor’s parents to fund the case.

SaharaReporters gathered that the elderly man defiled the girl simply identified as Amaka by penetrating her anus thrice at the Mebamu area of Okokomaiko last week. The case was reported at the Okokomaiko Police Station after which the perpetrator was detained.

The distraught survivor, Amaka, said, “He inserted his p*nis in my butt (anus) three times. I didn’t tell my mother because I don’t like what he did to me. If I tell my mother, she will kill me. Whenever I go to his house, he gives me N50.”

However, it was alleged that the Investigating Police Officer threatened to release the suspect if the survivor’s mother could not provide some money for the police to continue with the case. It was later learnt that the police released the suspect when Amaka’s mother could not raise the said amount. 

A mandated reporter said the survivor’s mother, who does not even have a mobile phone had complained of her inability to raise money for her daughter to run a test and had been willing to back out of the case.

“Amaka’s mother has a friend who stays in the same compound with the perpetrator. She saw the girl coming out of the man’s room and asked what she was doing in that room. Amaka answered that the man was having s*x with her. The mother’s friend asked how many times he had s*x with her and the young girl said three times through her anus. According to Okorocha’s co-tenants, he has been doing this with different female children in his room.

After that, we called the police who charged us a sum of N6,000. They took him to the police station that night, and the following morning, they asked us to bring money to transfer the man to Alausa and to run a test on the girl. We learnt that he has been released because the victim’s mother does not have money to give to the police,” the reporter said.

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