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Molly-Mae Hague pulls out of buying house with Tommy Fury after home ‘didn’t feel right’



The Love Island star Molly – Mae Hague has said that she has given up buying a new home with Tommy Fury. The house that she saw “did not feel right”.

She spoke to her boyfriend Tommy Fury about buying a house. She also spoke to her 5.2 million fans and followers telling that she pulled out after putting an offer in. The pair have been dating since 2019 after meeting on the Love Island show. They currently live in Manchester in a stylish pad. The pair have both been renting the house and they both wish to move to their own permanent home of their own soon. Molly Mae confessed that she almost sealed the deal on her dream house.

Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague has spoken about buying a house with boyfriend Tommy Fury

Molly added that there had since been a change in direction and, after months and months of searching, she’d pulled out of the offer. The stunning blonde opened up on her decision during a candid Instagram Q&A with fans. She said: “It got the furthest it’s ever got last week and we actually put an offer in on a house but Tommy hates me so much,” while laughing.

The star admitted they’d put an offer in on a house but pulled out
Molly said she couldn’t imagine the pair living in the home

Molly carried on to say that they both went to see the house that they put an offer in, but she ended up not liking it. She added that they drove past the house and stopped to look through the windows because they were excited to be living in there. She then had a thought and told Tommy that she does not see them living in this house together, that it does not feel right at all. She told her followers what had happened and why they did not buy it. She removed the offer from the house after having a thought of not living there.

Molly-Mae Hague seen promoting Pretty Little Thing on her Instagram
The 21 year old said they’re now back to the drawing board

She added: “And just like that, we are back to square one again so that’s where we are at so far. “I am the fussy one out of us two and I will continue to be fussy because I think you’ve got to be fussy in this situation. “I think buying a house is a huge thing and we are back to the drawing board.”

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague sparked engagement rumours on Instagram
The sweet pair met on hit ITV show Love Island

Molly Mae confessed that she “hated” her apartment and that moving out into a new one made her “feel like a whole new person”. Her old apartment in Manchester, she admitted that it was “cold and uninviting”. She posted pictures of her and Tommy celebrating his birthday in 2020, where she started to open up about how bad the place was.

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are thinking about the future
The former Love Island star has confessed she hated her old flat in Manchester

The photo which shows Love Island star Molly Mae was wearing a white hoodie and jogging bottom with a pair of slippers as she jumps on her boyfriend, who was also wearing black shorts. She captioned it “tommyfury 21st lockdown birthdays. She added a laughing emoji to it.

Looking back on the old days, Molly Mae has admitted that she has some lovely memories that she will cherish forever in her hearts, even though it was not a nice place to live in. She wrote to her followers saying “just seen this place, it was cute, but this had made me remember how much I hated our old apartment”. She continued to add “the most cold and uninviting space ever”.

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