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Megan Thee Stallion confirms romance with rapper boyfriend Pardison Fontaine



The WAP hitmaker, 26, has recently been hinting at her new romance, which she finally confirmed to her 20.4million Instagram followers.

She confirmed that she is dating rapper Pardison Fontaine. She has been hinting her romance and confirmed it to all her Instagram followers. The rapper decided to share a sweet snap of the pair on Valentine’s Day. She later told her fans her relationship.

She stated that her man is “perfect”. Some people had made rumours that the pair has a arguments earlier in the week. Most fans accused the rapper for being the one that started the argument with Megan.

Megan Thee Stallion
Megan has confirmed her new romance on Instagram

Megan decided that she was not having any of it. She commented to her fans saying “I don’t like seeing these stuffs on the internet. Most people do not know what they are talking about, they are just saying some random stuffs. She carried on to say ” I did not like what they are saying about Pardi. Because he is so sweet and calm. That’s my boo. And I really like him”

She went on to say “You are not about to play with my man. He has done nothing to anybody. He is my boyfriend. He is on his live blushing. The rapper later went on to reveal some privacy details about the pair’s sex live during the live stream.

Pardison Fontaine
Pardison Fontaine pulled out all the stops for Megan on Valentine’s Day

Megan carried on to say,”Yeah, he my boyfriend. He too fine and he’s big, I like that. We was in the bed and I was like, let’s take a break. Let’s revisit this…But no, he is so perfect.”The pair’s newfound romance was confirmed on Valentine’s Day after Pardison pulled out all the stops to make the special day perfect for Megan. “SOMETIMES YOU JUST GOTTA DO THE MOST,” he wrote on Instagram. The rapper surprised Megan with a private jet that was adorned with stunning floral arrangements.

Megan Thee Stallion
The rapper called her new man “perfect” in an Instagram Live video

Sharing a clip of Megan’s reaction to the gift, he asked her: “Do you trust me or no?” as Megan asked: “Pardi, where you taking me?” He replied “To lunch,” before Megan instantly wanted to know just how far away their lunch date was. The pair did not disclose their location, however it’s safe to say their first Valentine’s together was nothing short of a memorable one. Megan was previously rumoured to be dating rapper G-Eazy in February last year.

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