Chelsea are still paying Frank Lampard’s salary .

Frank Lampard is still being paid by his former club Chelsea despite being sacked in December.

In a move to mitigate the huge compensation the Blues have had to pay previous axed managers, Lampard has been kept on the payroll in west London and is due a whopping £1.8million, according to The Sun.

That figure accounts for Lampard’s £75,000-a-week salary that he drew as Chelsea manager, which he will be paid until July.

But the payments would stop should Lampard find another managerial job before then, giving the Chelsea legend ample incentive to take his time.

The 42-year-old was recently linked closely with the Bournemouth job, and his decision to rule himself out of taking it was related to the significant financial hit he would have taken by doing so.

Thus it would likely take a club offering a significant pay package to ensure Lampard is not out of pocket for him to take a new job before the summer.

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