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Man Sues wife for opening his bank statement to see if he as having an affair.



A man has sued his pub landlady wife for opening his bank statement to see if he was having an affair – leaving her with a £54,000 court bill.

Karen Santi, 46, and millionaire ex-husband Lawrence Santi operated a string of glitzy London pubs together during more than a decade of marriage.

The pair split last year, with Karen learning her “marriage was over” when she returned from holiday to the £2.2m family home in Hampstead last September TheSun reports.

Whilst “angry and upset” and “looking for material to confirm her suspicion that her husband was having an affair” she “accessed and read privileged material” including one of Mr Santi’s Lloyds Bank statements, London’s High Court heard.

She has now been hit with a £54,000 bill – which her lawyers said will “wipe out the wife’s liquid assets” – after her ex took her to court, suing for breach of his privacy.

But Mr Santi’s lawyers say she got what she deserved for “thinking she could get away with invading his privacy”.

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