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President joe Biden Announces The Purchase Of 200 Million COVID-19 Vaccines—Now On Track To Have 300 Million Doses By End Of July



#Roommates, although it’s been less than a month since he was officially sworn in office, President Biden has hit the ground running…especially when it comes COVID-19. In a recent press conference, President Biden announced that 200 million additional COVID-19 vaccines have been purchased—the laying groundwork for all Americans to have access to it.

@NBCNews reports, President Joe Biden confirmed that the U.S. has finalized a deal with Pfizer and Moderna for an additional 200 million COVID-19 vaccines, which should provide enough supply for every American to be fully vaccinated. During a visit to the National Institutes of Health, Biden said that the federal government had signed the final contracts for 100 million more doses of the Moderna vaccine and 100 million more from Pfizer.

Late last month, Biden said he was directing the federal government to secure the additional doses on top of the 400 million ordered under the Trump administration. With the new order in place, the U.S. will have enough supply to fully vaccinate 300 million people with the two-dose vaccines. “We’re going to be in a position where it’s not going to be by the end of the summer” Biden told reporters, adding that it’s important people take steps to slow the spread in the meantime.

Meanwhile, White House officials said the federal government expects to have received a total of 600 million doses by the end of summer, but it might take longer to get those doses to patients. The White House has not yet provided a timeline for vaccinations beyond the goal of 100 million shots in Biden’s first 100 days in office.


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