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Grandmother chased a violent thief with late husband’s military sword



An 87-year-old grandmother chased a violent thief from her home with her late husband’s military sword after being subjected to a brutal robbery, a court heard.  

Anastasia Lukianchikova was struck over the head and punched repeatedly by intruder Ashley Riley, who pinned her to the bed as he stole cash, jewellery, and family heirlooms.  
The widow fought back during the 13-minute attack with a lamp, and despite having suffered injuries including a fractured spine she was able to chase Riley out of her home. 

Mrs Lukianchikova “picked up a lamp to try to fight back” as Riley went for her jewellery box, but he managed to disarm her and held her down on the bed again, punching her repeatedly and also putting a pillow over her face.  

Riley stole “irreplaceable” jewellery valued at £50,000, including gold rings and bracelets from pre-war Russia as well as earrings given to Mrs Lukianchikova as a wedding gift by her father, the court heard.

Riley – a drug addict with a series of robbery convictions – was sentenced on Monday to 13 years in prison, as the judge branded him “dangerous”.

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