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Teenages who verbally abused Chris Whitty has had his playstation taken away by his mum.



The mother of a teenager who abused Chris Whitty in the street has revealed how she was ‘horrified’ at her son’s rudeness, has taken away his PlayStation and is making him apologise to the Government’s Chief Medical Officer.

She told MailOnline it was her 15-year-old son who filmed himself repeatedly accusing Prof Whitty of ‘lying’ to the nation about the pandemic that has claimed 100,000-plus lives.

The 47-year-old housewife and mother-of-two revealed she had told her eldest son to make another video apologising to him.

She also said she had reprimanded him by taking away his games console but she was not grounding him because ‘he is already suffering enough because of the lockdown’.

His mother told MailOnline: ‘I was horrified when I saw how rude my son was to Mr Whitty.
‘That is not how I have brought him up and not the behaviour that I expect from him.

‘The video really upset me and has left me feeling very stressed and anxious. I have not slept properly since I saw it because I was so upset at how he spoke.
‘I have taken away his PlayStation, which is the thing he loves the most. I have not grounded him because he is already suffering enough from the lockdown and does not go out as much as he used to.’

His mother claimed he was trying to communicate his concerns about the lockdown and how it had affected teenagers.
She said: ‘He is really suffering, as are teenagers all over the country. They have nowhere to go, they can’t socialise like they used to, play football or any other sports.
‘Their mental health has been badly affected and like other teenagers he is under a lot of stress.
‘He wants the Government to do something about it. I think that was the point he was trying to make to Mr Whitty but it came out all wrong.
‘He wanted to draw attention to the suffering of teenagers, which has largely been overlooked by the Government.’

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