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Frostproof, Florida to Make The First Week Of February ‘Donald Trump Week’



The small town of Frostproof, Florida just announced that from now on, the first week of February will officially be ‘Donald Trump Week.’

According to @TheHill, city officials in the small town of Frostproof, Florida have formally decided to greenlight the declaration of ‘Donald Trump Week’—in which the first six days of Black History Month will be dedicated to celebrating the disgraced former president. The Florida town has a population of roughly 3,180 people, with 90 percent belong to non-Hispanic white and Hispanic white ethnic groups. Frostproof is located in Polk County, a city that overwhelmingly voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential election, with 55.4 percent of the vote.

The proclamation also lists a host of other bold claims. “Former President Donald J. Trump was overwhelmingly supported, and received 76.43% of the votes in Frostproof, Florida, Precinct 537, won the state of Florida twice and received more votes than any incumbent in United States History,” the proclamation states.

The brief measure also boasts of employment numbers under the Trump administration and growth in manufacturing jobs.

Source: The shade room.