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Anthonia Gist Interview

Getting to know Divine Dynamic



Interviewer: –Who is DIVINE DYNAMIC?

Name: Divine Abolarin, Aged 16 from Ekiti State. More popularly known as Divine Dynamic.
I came with the name Divine Dynamic while leaving with my nephew (Dynamic) he also has a female apprentice by the name Divine so when ever they want to call me,They call me Divine Dynamic as in Divine Dynamic’s Bro.
My lyrics are mostly based on wordplays and Punchlines buh wordplay the most.
I’m also part of the raving #Thesoundsgeng music and model Group.

Interviewer: -When did the desire or zeal for music start?

I started my musical career in secondary school
It was back in secondary school back then
At break time we do organize rap battles my cousin (S.Y.B) “ex-thesoundsgeng” member was the champion among all.
And I was like his hypeman, so there was a day a fight burst off between him and a guy so I tried to meddle in and the guy insulted me to be just a follower of SYB claiming I know nothing
The next day a rap battle between the guy and I was organized. That evening I was busy throughout the night learning diss rap and the following Day I murdered the guy in the rap battle.
So after that day I started seeing the music as an opportunity and started studying Rap.

Interviewer: -What’s your music style and what was the inspiration behind it?

Mostly, I do Contemporary Rap and also Hardcore rap but I also do trap some times.
Depends on what the street wants.
And Afro-pop whenever I’m featured on a track I guess.

Divine Dynamic

Interviewer: -Is Music a full time thing or part time ?

Actually, I’m also a Graphic Designer, A Photographer and a also a student.

Interviewer: -If u had the chance to get in the studio with any artist who will that be?

If I had the chance, I will get in the studio with Burna Boy and if it a producer it will be El-more lord on dah beat

Interviewer: -What has been your greatest challenges?

My greatest challenge as always been With the type of music I do, and knowing fully it not widely accepted in areas like this.
It one of the greatest challenge, you have to be patient to know maybe this set of pple love this type of music or that.

Interviewer: -Who among the artists do you look up to?

Have always looked up to Burna Boy even before I became an artiste

Interviewer: -In the next 2/3 years where do you see yourself

In the next 2-3years I see myself in a better place and a better me also.
I see myself having a place in the spotlight .

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I’m Judah Akanbi. 16 years of Age. Aspirants of University of Lagos. Born and Raised in Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria. Native of Oyo state. Interested in Entertainment, World news, Nigeria, Sport and Content Creation in General

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