The Racial Inequity of Coronavirus in U.S.

It had been clear for months that Black and Latino people in U.S. were being harmed by the coronavirus at higher rates than white Peoples. But new Federal Date made available after The New York Times sued the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals a clearer and more complete picture

Black and Latino people have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus in a widespread manner that spans the country in urban, suburban and rural areas and cuts across every age group.

The new Data provides detailed characteristics of 640,000 coronavirus infections detected in nearly 1,000 U.S. countries. It shows that Black and Lation People are 3 times as likely to contract the coronavirus than their white neighbors and twice as likely to die.

The New CDC data is not complete. Rrace and ethniciity information is missing from more than half of the cases. And because it only includes cases throught the end of May, it doesn’t reflect the recent surge in infections that has gripped parts of the U.S. But taken together, the data provides the most comprehensive patients in America


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