Dominion University “Raising Generational leaders “

Read Fully: Dominion university ;Raising generational leaders.
Dominion university is a world class private university located at Ibadan-Lagos Expressway way,with a mission to educate and raise Generational leaders in Nigeria and Africa at large. Dominion university is fully equipped with the right educational equipments like fully furnished Hostels for both sexes, 24/7 electricity and a good water supply. We also have a good equipped lab for the science departments.
Owned by Bishop T.V Adelakun, Dominion university also employs the best of the best lecturers.
Admission into 100 and 200 levels into all programs provided by the university is in progress. Founded on God’s words, we have a special course called “community service “. This course is taught by Papa(Bishop T.V Adelakun). This course is based on God’s words. Not only are we educated on subjects that will make us academically sound, we are educated on the the”word of God” which will guide and direct us in all our ways. With this,Dominion university students are intellectually aware of God’s words which makes us stand out from other Universities.
Apart from that, the management have also provided a flexible way of paying tuition fees which is very affordable. You will see more information on our website
The name Dominion university means that we Dominate the world.
 “Raising generational leaders” is not just our Motto,Its who we are and who we are going to be in the future.
Apply to Dominion university and be part of the “Generational leaders “.
Dominion university “Rasing Generational leaders  “.

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