The death of George floyd #blacklivesmatters

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THE DEATH OF GEORGE FLOYD…#black lives matters
The internet has been flooded with the news of another dead black man . George was said to be at the front of a supermarket where some policemen were called to investigate a case involving the use of Fake money by an unknown person. The policemen saw George in his car and told him to get down.
Sources said that he refused to comply with them so they forcefully dragged him out and handcuffed him.
One of the officers kneeled on his neck and passersby started recording the injustice that was taking place. He told the officer that “I can’t breathe ” but they didn’t listen. In the video, we saw that some people were actually pleading for him,telling the officer to stand up but he didn’t listen.  The officer kneeled on his neck till he died and even when he died he still didn’t stand up. Someone later called an ambulance and they came to take his body.
This injustice has been happening in America since slave trade and it hasn’t stopped.
Source: Enews

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